Water or pure fruit juice?

Hello my friends;

How many times when you were young, did you hear ” drink more water” ?.  It is very sound advise however the real question is, why?

We are composed approximately by more than 70% of water.  I always like to stand in front of my patients and put my hand up to just above my chest indicating how much water we have when we are “topped up ” with our water.  If we think about flowers; when they are their best, they are up and perky, however when they are dehydrated, they start to wilt. The same philosophy goes for us, when we are “well watered” we are our best, when we are dehydrated we wilt…literally.


What are some of the physical signs of dehydration?

1. We get tired ….and start to reach for food to perk up when in fact we are thirsty.

2.We get headaches

3. Wrinkles and sagging skin…yuk.

How much water?  Great question; everyone s different, however according to the Institute of Medicine, men should have 13 cups of water, and women should have 9 cups per day.  If we consume anything that has caffeine  or alcohol, which has a diuretic effect on us and makes us lose more water, then we need to add one cup water for every cup of caffeiene or alcohol consumed.

Should I drink juice instead?  Again another fantastic question. The answer is a big no. Juice stimulates the hormone called insulin, which stores fat around your belly.  So juice can make you fat.

Stay well hydrated and enjoy the energy that comes from being well hydrated.

Your friend,



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